1. I will be on time.  If our meeting is in a public location I will extend my hand and greet you warmly and politely.

2. I will dress appropriately. If you invite me to a public destination, please let me know about the event and please feel free to suggest any request.

3. Outfit requests. Please feel free to ask me to bring any outfit tht you really like from my gallery page and Twitter or Switter profile gallery.

4. In responding to your e-mails. I do have an assistant I use for booking and screening. She is very professional so you'll be confident in knowing that all the information provided will be treated with the utmost discretion.


Dear clients, I am not a “clock watcher” because during our time together I am often more involved in offering you a memorable experience and having a great time, but I would kindly ask you not to overstay our scheduled amount of time.  


It is a way of showing your respect towards me and my private time.


If you would like to extend our date some more, please ask me and we can work out the additional gifts for the extra time spent together!